Max Application

The history

Our path

There is a team of computer technicians in Biella who, among the first in Italy, decided to focus on Oracle database, following an in-depth analysis of the available databases at that time.
First developments 
The team developed an application dedicated to accounting, finance and management control. The first customers are mainly from textile production field, thriving business in the territory.
Database for the textile sector
The team develops a specific database for the textile sector which is adopted by the leading manufactures in the Biella district.
It begins the first cooperation between the two developments teams, one in Biella and one in Turin, that still are nucleus of Max Application.
Max Application foundation
Founding of Max Application Ltd. with offices in Biella and Turin (Piedmont, Italy). By joining forces, the company offers a significant range of softare dedicated to companies and public administration.
Pharma, the new business unit
Max Application decides to create a business unit dedicated to the pharmaceutical field following to the growing need of Italian pharmaceutical companies to equip themselfs with a pharmacovigilance database.
Quality certification: ISO 9001
UNI EN ISO 9001 certification of the system Design, Development, Start-up, Maintenance and Support is acquired.
It is released the first version of SafetyDrugs, the software specific for the pharmacovigilance management.
Business Intelligence
SafetyDrugs enriches itself by the business intelligence module which includes the Signal Detection analysis. It is thus possible to extract thorough statistics from the database.
For SafetyDrugs clients it is created SDConverter, the module that allows to populate the database with those data contained in the RNF-AIFA (Italian medicines agency) form, which contains the details of any drug adverse event.
Collaboration with Asgenia
A collaboration starts with Asgenia, the newly born services company of Assogenerici (Italian association of generic industries), which needs the pharmacovigilance software is customized to.
Market share
The 23% of the Italian pharmaceutical companies manages pharmacovigilance with SafetyDrugs.
SafetyDrugs 6
The development of new SafetyDrugs compliant with ICH E2B (R3) rules begins.
Approaching newest technologies
First release of a management and business-to-business solution, multi-language and fully web-based.
Release of SafetyDrugs 6
Release of the new version of the pharmacovigilance software designed to comply with the ICH E2B (R3).