Max Application

The software house that listens, understands and solves 

An Italian company

SafetyDrugs Pharmacovigilance Software System is a product of a Max Application, an Italian company that develops Oracle database-based information system, which design customizable software, with a unique aim: optimize and simplify customer business processes.

It was born in Italy the pharmacovigilance software which is used by 23% of Italian pharmaceutical companies and diffused in the EMA (European Medicines Agency) area.

We are recognized for the ability to listen, to understand and to solve the issues posed by our interlocutors. It is an Italian style to do things, appreciated all over the world.

Its products integrate with flexibility to the IT structures thanks to a suite of products for Business Intelligence.

The working group is composed of twenty people expert in:
- applicative solutions for business management
- pharmacovigilance
- validation of automated information systems
- company organization and production planning
- administration of systems and databases (Oracle, Java and Microsoft)
- after-sales support for every specific sector

Gamp5 (Good Automated Manufactoring Process) guidelines are used in the development process. For this reason Max Application software assure to the customers the compliance with the requirements related to the different areas of application.

The commitment of the work team has allowed, since 2007, to achieve the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001 from the qualified Italian certification authority Italcert.

The certification guarantees:
- professionalism in products realization
- quality of assistance service
- compliance with laws and regulations

Max Application has a ten years' experience in
Business Intelligence, in particular through Qlik products.