Business Intelligence

the SafetyDrugs module for thorough and exhaustive analysis 

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What Business Intelligence in pharmacovigilance is

The Business Intelligence is a series of processes that allows to generate, aggregate, analyze and visualize data in order to make strategic decisions.
It can be used in various sectors. In the specific case of pharmaceutical companies, it allows to perform the Signal Detection, a kind of analysis required to comply with the pharmacovigilance rules. This analysis highlights the risk connected to specific drugs, thanks to a complex algorithm that relates disporoportionality indicators with statistical significance tests. 

The SafetyDrugs Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence developed by Max Application, is powered by Qlik, it supplies flexible tools for queries and data analysis, through a set of dashboard. Every user can create his own queries and data analysis models, according to his own needs, using simple and easy-to-understand tools. 

The main characteristics of SafetyDrugs' Business Intelligence are:

  • adverse event data warehouse
  • easy navigation and intuitive graphic
  • drilldown analysis
  • charts enabled to provide additional details
  • customized data visualization using dashboards and graphic tools.

With this B.I. module it is possible to run Signal Detection analysis, that supplies:

  • the evidence of drugs with disroportionally high statistical scores
  • disproportionality statistical indicators (PRR, ROR, RR)
  • Confidence Interval, CHI square and P-value tests
  • the evidence of cases from Literature and the number of cases Unlisted, Unexpected, Fatal and Serious. 

It is possible to run the following analysis too: 

  • comparison among selected temporal interval
  • quantitative analysis with possibility of qualitative analysis of detail on single case
  • customized line listing
  • KPI analysis, to monitor the time taken to process the ICSR.